CBA Catalyst
Where Investors and Experts Meet

Start a Local Chapter of local investors and experts who can assist and be a catalyst
to development of local economy with global network.

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CBA Catalyst is a global organization where qualified investor members, experts and local business leaders get together at a local location or at online meetings and deliberate about local, regional, national or global investment opportunities selected by CBA.

What is CBA Catalyst ?

CBA Catalyst is a manifestation of our observation that world need new generation of investors who believe in

Glocal Business Models
Innovation for Local Economy
Sustainable Future
Stakeholder Economy
Creating Upward Mobility Jobs
Compassionate Capitalism

CBA Catalyst's Local Chapter is For

Deliberation on Investment

This club is for discussion. It is not an investment club or fund.

Local Opportunities

Support local businesses
and startups.

Regional, National and Global
Investment Opportunities

CBA provides range of regional, national and international opportunities.

Mentors and Experts

Leverage your expertise to
assist startups.

Assist Local

Work with local government and universities to attract and keep entrepreneurs in the city.

Attract Startups to Your
City or Region

Offer investment and resources to attract startups from around the world in target verticals.

Network of City

Comprehensive discussion around innovation led global economy among investors and leaders of the city.

Global Connection

Members can attend global chapters and events and meet like minded people.

Range of Verticals

Contribute and get knowledge in wide range of verticals including traditional businesses.

Personal Development

Through angel investment related workshops, webinars, events and by meeting other experts.

Collective Intelligence

As we add local and e-chapters, we will create knowledge share tools.

CBA Portal

Every qualified member will get access to CBA Investor Portal.

Local Chapter Sponsors

We operate through local chapters which are sponsored by Local Chief Catalyst.
Contact us to find details about starting a Local Chapter.